Eden unveils the new G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series

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Eden Refrigeration has decades of experience in developing revolutionary heat transfer technology, with continuous expansion of more application sectors, upholding the concept of "Green and Innovative" with unceasing reformation.



In June 2022, the new G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series was officially launched, featuring a comprehensive range of adaptation and scalability with a great variety of refrigeration systems for optimal performance in different projects and scenarios of application. This G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series is specifically engineered for the commercial and light industrial refrigeration applications, such as retail, cold chain logistics, flight kitchens, marine, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing and other areas.



High efficiency and energy saving, in every "detail"

This G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series inherits its predecessor's high efficiency and energy saving characteristics, utilising Eden's unique tubing design to uniformly distribute Refrigerants in the unit cooler, resulting in a higher heat transfer efficiency in the compact unit cooler, while integrating the latest refrigerant distribution system to ensure robust energy saving and optimal control of the flow rate by the thermal expansion valve (TXV) based on the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.


With the aid of Eden's leading coil technology, the G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series has 15% to 19% less coil surface area as compared to conventional unit coolers, without sacrificing any of its high heat transfer efficiency. Thanks to the integrated defrosting design system, the amount of waste heat transferred into the cold room was significantly reduced, which in turn shortened the time taken for the cold room to return to its set temperature after defrosting, ensuring substantial energy savings.



Safe, reliable and flexible

All G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series models are equipped with IP56 flame-retardant electrical junction boxes with a V-0 rating, which offers excellent ageing resistance and high flame retardancy. In addition, the fan motor has a built-in thermistor protection device that conforms to DIN 40050 safety standards to eliminate the risk of motor damage due to frost blockage or icing, allowing it to work stably even in harsh environments such as high humidity and low-temperature.


The G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series adopts a user-friendly hinged side panel design for both sides of the unit cooler, allowing easy access and servicing of components effortlessly.



Diversified usage scenarios

To meet the diversified needs of our customers, this new G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series can be applied with the latest refrigerants such as R404A, R507, R134A, R22, R407B, R407C, R407F, R448A and R449A. It can also be customised for use with carbon dioxide and ammonia refrigeration systems. The G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series cover application areas such as retail, cold chain logistics, flight kitchen, marine, food and beverage, food processing and other large and medium-sized cold room and freezer,  as well as seafood, medicine  and other special areas that have stringent requirements for temperature control and humidity of the cold room.


Eden Refrigeration provides accurate and timely responses with case by case refrigeration solutions for users across a variety of industries. By offering a wide range of models of fan motors, fins, coils, casings, defrosting methods, and accessories, Eden developed a product series that caters multiple applications to accommodate the personalised needs of different customers.


Over the years, Eden Refrigeration has acquired profound technical expertise and extensive project experience. Eden Refrigeration takes economy, high efficiency operation and low energy consumption into account, with absolute commitment to reduce the operational costs for customers while balancing excellent cooling performance with a low environmental impact. With ever-lasting dedication to green and low-carbon practices, Eden Refrigeration always strives to add values to and lead sustainable development with green and innovative technology. Now, with the launch of the G5 High Profile Unit Cooler Series, Eden Refrigeration will continue to create value and deliver diversified refrigeration solutions to better mankind and the environment with leading heat transfer technology, supreme quality and customer-oriented service.