Booth:S1G31 | 7-9 April,Eden Refrigeration awaits you in Shanghai !

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Eden BoothE1G01

7 – 9 April

 Shanghai New International Expo Center

We are looking forward to seeing you there

Pay tribute to the era with innovation,

and foresee the future with green technology



| Diversified Products

- More efficient, green and energy-saving

Energy-efficient products are considered as an important cornerstone for achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Eden Refrigeration has been developing novel refrigeration technologies which are more efficient, green and energy-saving. At the China Refrigeration Expo, an upcoming annual event, Eden Refrigeration will exhibit new products and varied refrigeration solutions. Welcome to visit our stand!



| On-site Activities

- Choose Eden select APP, your reliable partner

Eden Refrigeration will conduct a series of on-site activities to interact with visitors. On site, professional technicians will introduce Eden select APP. Welcome to participate in these activities.


Time: 10:30-11:00 & 14:30-15:00, April 7-9


|  About EDEN

Eden Refrigeration (Eden), a subsidiary of the Singapore-based Far East Group Limited, is a global refrigeration equipment manufacturing company. Leveraging its cutting-edge heat exchange technology, Eden provides comprehensive refrigeration equipment and services to more than 30 countries and regions globally.


Eden substantially helps customers in fields such as food processing, food and beverage, cold chain logistics, retail, hotel, airline catering, agriculture, marine, pharmaceuticals, and industrial areas to improve cooling efficiency, while addressing increasingly challenging environmental concerns.